Pool Rules For Wading In Our Comment Stream

Five tips for navigating the swiftly-moving waters of a Patch site.

As one reader pointed out, our comment stream provides useful insight into the collective mindset of the people who make their home here.

Almost as avidly read as our news stories and announcements themselves, the comments number in the hundreds for some stories and can be difficult to monitor.

For that reason we ask that you "flag" any post you find overtly insulting, threatening, profane or advertorial (no spamming.)

Do this by hitting the "Flag as Inappropriate" button included on every post. This signals that you have a problem with the post and enables us to locate it much more quickly. It never hurts to e-mail cate.lecuyer@patch.com if you see something that needs immediate attention.

And just so we're clear, the listed practices are not allowed in our comment stream and comments of this type will be stricken:

No profanity
No personal attacks or threats
No spamming
No head-first diving or thread hijacking ... off-topic posts, even if not vulgar or spam, might be deleted if they are clearly irritating other readers.

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Elizabeth Moody January 04, 2013 at 06:20 PM
I appreciate MillValleyPatch news. Most recent I would not have known about Dennis Klein's serious trail fall, were it not in your news.
Rico January 06, 2013 at 02:33 AM
I respect the controls and administrative actions on the Patch, it makes for a much better experience compared to other local topix forums that have failed here in Marin. One question, what is head first diving ? I have never heard that phrase before relating to internet etiquette. While I appreciate when readers flag (what they consider inappropriate) comments, that can be abused also. Just because someone posts his her opinion (or a well known fact) on this site, there are many viewers that totally don't want anyone else to know about the true facts. This includes many things, like pharmaceutical drugs, the SMART train, our food safety, healthcare insurance, SmartMeters etc. etc. In the past on "the other failed forums" in Marin, there were some people that would do very nasty things online to bully, mock, impersonate, ridicule and personally attack anyone that posts something that they don't want anyone else to know about. Who knows who this person/corporation was, they did thir doo and it's over now for them here on the Patch. But what if this agent decides to try and censor a fact by simply flagging a post three times, using three differnent names and e-mail addresses here ? I know that this is being done here, but I won't mention any of the screen names. Like I said, I think that close moderating makes for a clean site, but I also think that the moderatiors should carefully review the posts that have been flagged. Some of this flagging can be personal attacks.


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