Now Hiring: County of Marin

The top monthly salary of available positions is $8,340, while the top hourly wage is $63.

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(Patch Graphic)
Are you ready to tackle a new career challenge and earn more money? The County of Marin has dozens of job openings.

The job postings cover a wide range of careers and talents, from Sheriff's Dispatcher to Registered Nurse. The pay range is also vast. On the low end of the hourly scale is $12.98 for a lifeguard versus $63.05 at the top of the scale for Mental Health Practitioner.

Most positions are paid by the month, with a top of the scale salary of $8,340 going to a Senior Programmer Analyst.

Some positions pay more for professional licenses or oddball shifts.

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If you're interested, check the County of Marin Employment Opportunities page. Here's a sample of what you'll find, with the top salary listed for each position:

Cook, $4,108 / month
Detention RN, $51.39 / hour
Health & Human Services Planner/Evaluator, $6,601 / month
Maintenance Equipment Operator, $34.18 / hour
Bilingual Office Assistant, $4,381 / month (part-time positions also available)
Victim/Witness Advocate, $4,782 / month


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