Mountain Lion Spotted in Tam Valley-Almonte Area

Tam Valley resident Laura Roche says that a "high number" of pets are missing from her neighborhood, and wonders if the mountain lion recently spotted in the area is responsible.

Flyers for missing pets are lining the lamposts in Tam Valley and parts of Almonte, and resident Laura Roche said she has a pretty good idea why.

Roche lives on Morning Sun Avenue and says at least one neighbor has spotted a mountain lion in the open space between Morning Sun and Greene Street within the past week.

Roche's neighbors have posted signs throughout the Tam Valley and Almonte areas with a warning regarding the sighting and some general information about mountain lions.

Longtime Tam Valley resident Curry Eckelhoff says things have been far from normal on the animal front throughout the neighborhood. According to Eckelhoff, coyotes, which are not new to the area, have been acting out as of late.

"I hear them in the morning before dawn, many of them howling," she says. "I have lived here for many decades and I have never heard them like now."

In response to Kathy Fitzgerald's on July 11 while walking her dog, we've  to highlight where recent mountain lion sightings have occurred. Please contribute if you have any information about recent sightings.

If you have any information on the Roches' missing cat, you can call 415-488-7789. (see attached flyer)

Max August 22, 2012 at 04:46 AM
It's OK. Just lets be careful with wild animals. I watched coyote walking hundred feet behind a couple with small dog, bobcat hunting a rabbit, deers... We took traditional areas of animals who lived there far far before us. Lets respect them.
Gilda Harger August 22, 2012 at 07:08 PM
Thank You for the important and informative information, Ally from the Bay Area Puma Project. I have seen and heard much more wildlife lately in the early mornings & dusk hours, which is wonderful but we all must also use good common sense and stay alert and aware to maintain safety of both humans and animals. Frankly, the image of the Mountain Lion used, is a bit misleading and a bit sensationalist, most often, Mountain Lions are extremely timid and avoid people.
Eve Hinman August 23, 2012 at 01:04 AM
I am confused why there is a paragraph on coyotes in the middle of this article. Is all wildlife interchangeable so it does not matter which animal it is? Is wildlife as a whole rebelling against our presence here? The overall tone seems to be intended to increase fear of wildlife as a threat to our community based on innuendo and speculation.
Erin August 30, 2012 at 05:11 PM
This is the time of year that young cougars are finding their new territory. they often wander into populated areas in search of a new home. They are young and haven't learned where the people are yet. Believe it or not they pass through unnoticed all the time. They are quiet and stealthy. It was probably fortuitous -- early morning or dusk and an alert pooch. Luckily there are open spaces for them to get through safely. Those of us living near open spaces must be aware that they are filled with wildlife (and thank goodness) -- so small dogs and cats should be kept inside. this is life when we choose to enjoy the "wild" areas of this beautiful state. We are lucky there are still open spaces for us to escape to. Domestic animals are too easy a meal to pass up, and this time of year there are fewer small rodents for the predators to eat. Be aware and you will be fine -- and get to fall asleep at night being seranaded by the coyotes song.... Sweet dreams :o)
greg September 08, 2012 at 05:35 PM
I walk through Tam Valley with my dogs. I noticed all the animal waste that is not picked up is sprayed with red paint. Is this to identify dog from other animals? I just found it odd to see on the trails. On Friday the 7th of Sept I was walking and did see an animal cross my path at 7:30 pm. I thought it was some type of large cat. However, I think my imagination had me think cat rather than deer. I did not report it because I was uncertain. The area we consider our backyard is beautiful. I think the animals in our backyard feel the same. greg Tam Valley


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