Memorial At Sea For Lost Sailors

Friends of Redwood grads Alexis Busch and Jordan Fromm will remember them and other victims of the accident that claimed the Low Speed Chase during a yacht race.

The victims of the fatal yacht crash near the Farallon Islands had a passion for life and a love for the sea that was simply boundless.

Even those who never had the chance to meet Larkspur's Alexis Busch are starting to get an idea of what a vivacious person she was. Busch and 25-year-old Kentfield resident Jordan Fromm — both Redwood High grads — along with Alan Cahill of Tiburon, Belvedere resident Marc Kasanin, 46, and Ireland's Elmer Morrissey were lost at sea near the Farallons over the weekend.

Since then, fellow members of the yachting community, friends, high school classmates and family have poured out their hearts on the Internet and in private to remember the victims.

Greg Mullin met Busch in high school and his life was never the same, it seems. She gave him a new perspective on music and Giants baseball.

Busch is the daughter of former Giants executive vice president Corey Busch, team president and CEO Larry Baer said in a statement. She also made history as the first batgirl in MLB history and was at home plate to celebrate one of the most memorable moments in baseball when Barry Bonds hit his 500th home run.

Mullin remembers the day Busch met boyfriend Nick Vos, one of the survivors of Saturday's crash.

The San Francisco Yacht Club posted a memorial page on Facebook, where a fundraiser was proposed to build a statue for the lost sailors.

Members of the San Francisco Yacht Club will host a flotilla Saturday evening in memory of the crew of the Los Speed Chase. Boats from around the bay will meet in Racoon Straits, between Belvedere and Angel Island, around 7 p.m. for a solemn ceremony.

Captained by James Bradford, 41, of Chicago, the yacht was competing in the 2012 Full Crew Farallones Race Saturday when it met with large waves near one of the Farallon Islands around 3 p.m., Coast Guard Petty Officer Levi Read said. The boat was tossed by the waves, sending multiple crewmembers into the water and the yacht into the rocks. Bradford and Tiburon resident Brian Chong were rescued by the Coast Guard and Air National Guard helicopters and boats Saturday.

— Bay City News contributed to this report


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