How Religious Is Mill Valley? Gallup Poll Rates the State of Faith

Does where you live make you more or less religious? Survey says ...

In God we trust? For the most part, yes.

According to an annual Gallup poll that tracks the state of religiousness in America, 40 percent of the nation was classified as “very religious” in 2012.

And while California has long been seen as a liberal bastion, in matters of faith we’re moderate. Poll results show:

  • 35 percent of us say we’re “very religious.”
  • 29 percent say we’re “moderately religious.”
  • 37 percent say we’re “nonreligious.”

There are at least 15 houses of worship in Mill Valley, according to our directory, from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and Mt. Tamalpais United Methodist Church to the Islamic Center of Mill Valley and the Buddhist Temple of Marin. Do the poll results ring true for Mill Valley? Tell us in comments why or why not religion is an important part of your daily life.

Survey results are based on 1,000 interviews done in all but two states and the District of Columbia, according to Gallup. Participants were asked to say if religion is:

  • An important part of their daily life and that they attend religious services every week or almost every week (very religious)
  • An important in their lives but that they do not attend services regularly, or that religion is not important but that they still attend services (moderately religious)
  • Not an important part of their daily life and that they seldom or never attend religious services (nonreligious)

The most religious state in the union continued to be Mississippi, with 58 percent of its residents identified as “very religious.” The least religious state was Vermont, with 19 percent of residents falling into that category.

Want to know how all states ranked? Read the State of the States online at Gallup Politics.

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Suzanne February 20, 2013 at 05:53 PM
The community at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is amazing! I go to Mass frequently (daily and on Sunday) and feel very blessed by the open hearts and kind souls I have met there. There are many opportunities for volunteering, as well as educational programs and classes for adults and children alike.
Ed Addeo February 20, 2013 at 11:40 PM
I and my wife attend daily Mass at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and Sunday. My wife is the President of the St, Vincent de Paul chapter and I serve on the Parish Council. Many of our friends also attend and we present many social events such as dinners, dances and an annual "block party" open to the entire population of Mill Valley. We also have a homeless persons "hot lunch" on Tuesdays and several outreach programs. Yes, religion is an important party of our daily lives.
Sue-Dee Stephens February 20, 2013 at 11:46 PM
If I compare other friends in MV and their religious activity to mine........I am very religious. However, I have several friends who are certainly as spiritual as I am. They just don't atend a formal religion. I have over the past 10 years belonged to a 12 step program wihich emphisises daily speaking or praying to God. This has made me more "actively religious" than I was. It's nice to have the 2 reinforce each other. I would not jump to the coclusion that a liberal view makes one less religious. IN the past, the people most involved in helping their fellow man in a religious way , are the liberals.....helping those with fewer material things, providing help for people who are missing family support, supporting individual differences without worrying about our own being compromised.
Katherine February 21, 2013 at 05:17 AM
We're Mt. Carmel regulars, grateful for the community of faith we find there and the work that that community does in the larger community of southern Marin. The church is beautiful and the community welcoming even when the poinsettias and the lilies aren't in season!
Rebecca Chapman February 21, 2013 at 06:36 PM
I love our lady of mt. carmel church! the gold steeple thingy is so gorgeous when it glistens in the sun, and it's just nice to have a place to sit down & feel accepted sometimes, even though i'm a white anglo-saxon protestant / jew (jewish 1st, obviously, but raised as an atheist, unfortunately). i'm definitely NOT a mala wearing, prius driving, yoga / pilates chick, & a few of the catholics in this town have been so beautifully accepting of me during this crazy-making homeless time, it honestly makes me weep with unending gratitude. i don't wish to expose the most wonderful person there, for fear of her being swarmed in the streets, but just to have an elder with whom i can admit that a lot of the time i'm screaming & swearing & shaking my fist at god, is really helpful. she's one of the people who goes there, not on the staff, but it means the world to me to have wonderful folks like this in a town where there is no temple. and the lunch leaves a lot to be desired, as a bunch of the 'giveaway' food is outdated, expired garbage donated by whole foods, which brings up a lot of bad memories, obviously, but the prepared meals can be lovely, fresh, & delicious, and just having someone hold my hand sometimes, when i've been freezing & starving for days on end, has been spectacular. so, thank you (almost) all!!!!


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