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Spiritual exercises help open your heart to God's love and the presence of the Holy Spirit (which can be perceived as the Light and Sound of God, or simply as a feeling of love). Eckankar offers more than a hundred different spiritual exercises to help you experience more love, joy, and spiritual freedom.

One of the simplest spiritual exercises is to chant HU (pronounced like the word hue). With eyes closed, sit in a quiet place and fill your heart with love. Sing HU on one long steady note while sending love to God. After a few minutes, listen and perceive ways God's love returns to you as either divine Light, Sound, or a feeling of Love.

HU brings freshness to life by helping you be a happier person. HU is an ancient name for God. It's also a nondenominational form of prayer and a love song to God that everyone can use privately, regardless of religious affiliation or spiritual belief.

You are invited to join us in trying this simple, 20-minute spiritual exercise.

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