An Aerial View of the Birth of the Golden Gate Bridge

As the span gets set to turn 75, check out these historical shots taken by aerial photographer and Oakland native Clyde Sunderland).

The arrival of the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge has brought with a slew of photos, both historical and modern, of the iconic span.

Now Pacific Aerial Surveys of Emeryville is adding its own slice of history to the celebration with a slideshow of aerial photos of the Golden Gate Bridge from its historic collection.

The collection contains vertical and obliques of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, the oldest taken in 1928. Although the entire collection is unique, the images taken by Clyde Sunderland have significant historical value.

Sunderland (1900-1989), an aerial photographer who originally captured motion pictures, operated out of the Oakland Airport. He was a pioneer in aerial photography who spent 40 years photographing the Bay Area and Northern California from the air.

The Clyde Sunderland Collection captures the history of the Bay Area to included the 7th Fleet with the U.S.S. Arizona (which was sunk in the bombing of Pearl Harbor), the famed Pan Am Clippers, Amelia Earhart and these photos of the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge with a unique view of the construction from an aerial perspective.

For more information: www.photoscience.com


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