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Hello Community! 
I am a proud Mill Valley resident, born and raised and living here now. I graduated from Stanford in 2011 and then joined Teach for America to teach middle school in San Jose. This year, I travelled to Mexico to volunteer in a rural community. There, I met an indigenous family who truly impressed me with how much they are keeping their ancient culture alive. They work daily on sacred rituals and pass down the culture to their children. When I heard about how they had recently suffered a terrible tragedy of a fire burning down houses in their ceremonial village and killing their two babies, I knew I could do something to help them rebuild their community. I am asking you to join me in making a difference TODAY. Please visit my indiegogo page, make a donation of any size, and enjoy some fantastic perks, such as art from the Huichol culture. If you are inspired, you can double or quadruple your impact by posting the link on a social media site or sharing it with your networks. Thank you so much! 



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