Volunteer to help feed the hungry and reduce food waste!

ExtraFood.org is a nonprofit that is helping to end hunger and reduce food waste in Marin County. Volunteers pick up extra fresh food from Marin organizations -- such as grocery stores, restaurants, congregations, events, and caterers -- and deliver it immediately to nonprofit programs that serve the hungry. We piloted our free service in December 2013 and have been up and running fully since January 2014. As of March 11 2014 we have rescued and delivered over 3 tons of food.

We need more volunteers who can call on any organization in Marin that makes or has food, and ask them if they ever have any extra that they'd like to donate. Federal law protects any organization donating food to a nonprofit from liability.

We give you names of organizations to call, contact info, a calling script, training, and information to send the organizations. The more donations we get, the more we can help nonprofits in Marin who serve the hungry.

You can check out our website at www.extrafood.org for more info.

Please join us in helping the 30,000 residents of Marin who don't have access to a secure food supply, and in reducing the millions of pounds of food waste that go into Marin's landfills each year. Thank you!


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