Tweens/Teens Etiquette Summer Camp!

It’s all about the manners fun with The Protocol Academy’s Tween/Early Teen Etiquette Essentials Summer Camp. This program is contemporary, relaxed and highly participatory. In a setting with their peers, Tweens and Teens will further recognize the value of life skills in thoughtfulness, consideration and graciousness for today’s current world. The dynamic course includes targeted topics such as: Meet and Greet Essentials; Connecting with People; Family and Other People Politeness; Conversation and Communication Cues; Situational Conduct; Party/Event Protocol; Wardrobe Consideration; and Social Media/Cyber & Texting Etiquette. The program also covers hands-on dining skills such as: Place Settings; Dining at Home and Away; Table Manners and Behavior; Styles of Dining; Formal Dining and more. They’ll see that being polished will keep them cool in the summer heat. Get Your Etiquette On! Presented by Daily Protocol. 

Novato: Monday-Friday, July 7-July 11, 2014; 1:30pm-3:00pm at Rancho Elementary, Novato, CA. 
Register: www.novatofun.org, course #18475

For more info: info@dailyprotocol.com, www.dailyprotocol.com or 415.234.6616. 


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