The Redwoods, a community seniors: revitalizing the campus

Feb. 2014 Groundbreaking for Revitalizing The Redwoods
Feb. 2014 Groundbreaking for Revitalizing The Redwoods

A lot is happening at The Redwoods, Mill Valley's community of seniors!

Did you know that a major renovation and modernization program is underway?  If you have driven by the corner of Camino Alto and Miller Ave, you will notice a lot of activity.

Groundbreaking was held in February and Revitalization work is now fully underway to better serve not only the current residents, but future generations of seniors. (The campus is currently 40 years old.)

One key component: modernizing the Independent Living Apartments. The first phase was completed in April and residents (who were temporarily moved to another part of the campus) are now settling in to their "new" apartments.

Here is what one couple said about their modernized apartment: "We can't believe it's the same place! It has a different look now - we rearranged things and are nesting all over again. It's been a lot of fun."

Relocating and then moving back to a reconfigured apartment can be a big change, especially if you are in your 80's or 90's, so supporting them through this transition is a top priority for The Redwoods.

To learn about Revitalizing The Redwoods and our senior community, visit us at theredwoods.org. 


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