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TEAM 2013-2014
TEAM 2013-2014

Hi there! This is Alex Deleon,

I'm a high school student and an intern at The Commonwealth club (and also a hostess at Balboa cafe in Mill Valley!). This year I'm in a school program called Team. Team is a one-year experiential high school program that includes community service, career exploration, wilderness adventure, and emergency response as well as a regular Junior year curriculum. Our first wilderness trip was an 11-day backpacking trip in the Sierras, and I'm currently fundraising for the final backpacking trip to the Lost Coast in Northern California. 

Each student needs to sell 100 raffle tickets by Friday, May 2 in order to pay for the trip. I've gone door-to-door in Mill Valley, Larkspur, and Sausalito with mixed results. Each ticket is a donation of five dollars, and the prize is twelve $100 dollar gift certificates to 12 of the best restaurants in Marin and Sonoma counties. Restaurants include: Sushi Ran, Buckeye Roadhouse, El Paseo, Left Bank, and many more! 

I would really appreciate your help, and I'd be willing to deliver or mail your tickets to you or you can just send me your information (Name and phone number, address is optional) and I can fill out the tickets and turn them in for you.

Please address all checks to Friends of the Team Program. And you can mail cash/checks to the address 305 Doherty Drive Larkspur, CA 94939 or you can stop by the school personally. Through either methods of donation, please somehow let it be known that Alex Deleonsent you whether it be in the notes of a check or if you stop by the school just let them know verbally.

Thank you for supporting Team and for more information you can check out our website: http://www.tamdistrict.org/theteamprogram 

Contact me at alexazam419@gmail.com

Thanks so much,

Alex Deleon


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