Seeking a witness - accident on Tiburon Blvd on Feb. 24

A white Nissan SUV hit the driver side of my car(white BMW sedan) at 12:50 pm on Febuary 24th. The driver of the SUV merged into my lane and caused the accident, so the issue of who's at fault seemed pretty obvious, obvious enough not to call the police. Well, I have been told by my insurance today that the driver of the SUV has made a different statement, saying I was the one that attempted a merge into his lane. This happened on the freeway overpass(Tiburon Blvd) between Strawberry shopping center and E. Blithedale Blvd. Although this was relatively a minor accident, I cannot help but to feel that the SUV driver is taking an advantage of a young female driver.  If anyone has witness the accident, please write me an email. Thank you.  kyungkim79@gmail.com 


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