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If representation is failing, DO NOT question supervisors' motivations
Clayton Smith January 29, 2014 at 11:33 pm
Thanks Richard: This is an obvious 1st Amendment issue and should be regarded as such. Second, itRead More begs the question, "What are you hiding?" Additionally, estimating motivation correctly is necessary to effectively prejudging your opponents next move and his general direction of attack. And to be truthful, are these people not attacking the health, happiness and character of our communities? They very well know this, but consistent with all the self righteous, entitled world improvers, who derive the meaning of their lives by meddling in the affairs of others, they are reluctant to admit it openly. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I would take cheer, however, for what they have done in their handout is to admit to whole world their moral bankruptcy. So, they now demand to live in a state of separation from the actual (non-theoretical) people of Marin and, like medieval lords and ladies, do so at those people's expense. The is a quintessential example of Statist Mindset. A leaning experience for us all.
Demanding Accountability: TAM
Clayton Smith January 29, 2014 at 11:54 pm
Ah, that pesky old Constitution that these folks have taken a solemn pledge to protect and obey.Read More Have they even read it? Why would they even bother, when they look around and see how those who are politically prospering the most are violating it the most? But ignorant voters return them to office over and over again in an ongoing pageant of thoughtlessness. Is it hopeless? I sincerely hope not, but our determination must not be wanting. They will do everything in their power to discourage. So, we must be of good spirits, because these controversies will last our lifetimes, and then some. And don't forget the TPP BS that's coming down the road at us. Obama's NAFTA. Go figure! They call them New Democrats, more at home on Wall Street and the golf course, the country be damned.
Clayton Smith August 28, 2013 at 12:01 pm
To continue, I would like to repeat and expand on comments I made on the San Rafael Patch to thisRead More article, concerning crime and urbanization. I would urge those of you with some minor math skills, nothing more than 8th grade, to visit the FBI's crime tables for the major and minor urban population centers in the United States. You will find very detailed information of the various types of crimes, as well as population statistics corresponding to them. Take the population of the metropolitan area in general and then subtract the urban portion and then take the urban portion of any particular type of crime and subtract it from the metropolitan total and then use simple division of the two different sets of numbers (urban crime vs. urban population and suburban crime and suburban population). It is astonishing! No other argument need be made for the virtue of finding ones safe haven in suburbia. In most of the very large metropolitan areas in our country, moving to the suburbs reduces ones probability of being the victim of a homicide by 10 fold. In fact, the homicide rate in the majority of the suburban communities in the United States is lower than the general homicide rates in all but a handful of European countries. The differences in all the other types of crimes show somewhat similar disparities. Urbanization and densification IS a public safety issue, first and foremost! Given the constant fanning of resentments by the poverty industry, cities are increasingly dangerous places for affluent folks not only to live in, but even to visit. However, for the wealthy, who live in their special neighborhoods, well guarded by the police (who know very well who runs the government) and the private security they can afford to employ, and who can valet park wherever they go, the "diversity" provides excitement and entertainment, as well as an endless pool of cheap compliant labor to do their bidding. The rich and their poor. For those of us clinging to our middle class way of life, suburbia with its sprawl, its cars, its low density, its small town character is our refuge. In my opinion, we are under no moral requirement to compromise our way of life and the personal safety it provides us, and which we have freely chosen, with any of these proselytisers of low income high density development.
Richard Hall August 29, 2013 at 08:33 am
I'd like to apologize - while I didn't gloss over the cost impact of schools like the League ofRead More Women Voters, I vastly underestimated the impact on taxes via new schools. Schools do not cost $2m as I had pre-supposed, page 16 of this report reveals the far more harsh realities, still underplaying them with the median costs of the structures (and as we know labor and land in Marin is hardly the median for California). http://www.peterli.com/spm/pdfs/SchoolConstructionReport2011.pdf The costs are as follows for median price of the structure alone for a California school: - High school $89,012,856 - Middle school $39,944,790 - Elementary school $36,276,277 So consider this - if the Civic Center receives $1.9m for a bike and ped path, taxpayers are shouldered with potentially hundreds of millions while new affordable and low income residents and developers are largely sheltered from these costs.
Clayton Smith August 30, 2013 at 09:36 am
Richard: On the statistics you so kindly provided above, it would be helpful to have some idea asRead More to the enrollment anticipate to fill out the $89 Million high school, etc. so that we could have a per student amount to refer to. Again, thank you for your great efforts in bringing to light topics that others purposely shy away from.
The Plan Bay Area ecosystem
Clayton Smith August 19, 2013 at 11:09 pm
Richard: Thank you for your fine expose` on this organization, Marin Grass Roots. This is typicalRead More maneuvering by the politicians, who lacking organic connection to their communities, have to buy one. Not having much money of their own, or reluctant to spend the money they have, they spend the taxpayers money instead. So handing out large sums to the economic under-performers is par for the course. Then, after handing out some wildly over generous compensation packages to the tax-eaters (government employees) up at the Civic Center, they turn around and tell us they are too strapped to do road maintenance. Bury these ugly utility lines, improve our clogged up intersections, etc. But, rent a mob, of course! I think it would be interesting and I think legally require to have a full disclosure as to not just how much money the BOS gave to Marin Grassroots, but exactly how was it spent and who determined how it was spent and if any of it went to prop up the political fortunes of those on the BOS, who authorized the granting.
Clayton Smith August 19, 2013 at 11:32 pm
To continue: Erica Erickson is a very interesting case in point to why the Planning Commission isRead More deaf to the people of Marin. She is obviously foreign born. And, quite different from most of the other immigrants that I have known, has an apparent axe to grind against the culture she finds herself in. Perhaps born out of a deep rooted sense of inferiority, the attitude she puts forth is that we (the old long time residents of Marin) just aren't good enough. During the numerous Planning Commissions meetings that I attended, her body language was the most pronounced, radiating an unmistakable contempt of those of us who objected to her agenda. The words, snobbish, condescending and resentful, come immediately to mind. In fact, I would even venture to ask if she didn't hate the middle class folks, who dared to come up to the Civic Center and speak back to (her) authority. This kind of peevish, self-righteous, entitled behavior chills the atmosphere of public debate, and I think is meant intentionally to dissuade those, who are not emotionally solid enough to stand up to it, from engaging in public expression. The thinly veiled authoritarianism inherent in such a demeanor has no place in our local government. It is entirely regrettable that she was appointed to that position, when so many others would have gladly done so, who are long term residents of the County and have a proven desire to put Marin first. The supervisor(s), who put her on the board, should move immediately to have her removed. This would be a great positive to Marin and would give a clear signal of respect to the public that is paying for all of this.